Client Communication – How To Communicate with Clients

Client Communication – How to Communicate With Clients

Client communication is one of the most important aspects of consulting or any sales role.  Learning to communicate would seem an obvious task of anyone in an Advisor role, yet I have seen them lose time and time again for a variety of reasons:

  1. Low energy and enthusiasm for living

-It’s not all about the product, it’s about who you are going to be working with on a consistent basis

  1. Not knowing your product or service well

-Or not being able to articulate it clearly


  1. Lack of eye contact and care put into the client communication process


  1. Lack of follow up based on the discovery conversations

-In discovery you uncover the prospects personality, needs, and interests

-Supply information, product or contacts that cater to the discovery conversation

  1. Don’t Talk About You

-It’s not about you, it’s about them 80% them, 20% you

-The 20% about you, your passions, interests and desires must align with your prospects for them to be an ideal client.

-Why? Because 20-30% of them or any person can change over time, but there is always at least 20% that stays the same, and you have best have a very strong understanding of that aspect of yourself to keep clients for the long term

  1. Why Worry About Keeping Clients For The Long Term?

-As an advisor, you are in a complex, involved role. For the right clients, you have spent time money and energy on their acquisition. The ROI should match up.

  1. Lack of follow through. You talk big ideas then you expect the client to track you down?

-How does this show that you are really interested in the client?

Final Thoughts On Client Communication – How to Communicate With Clients

Using these 7 techniques for “Client Communication – How to Communicate With Clients” will not only help you, but also your clients.  Client communication is the building blocks of maximizing your clients experience and satisfaction.