Data Backup & Encryption

A painful loss of data is often the kick-starter needed for businesses to implement regular backup processes. We will help you create a sound backup strategy so you are prepared in the event of data corruption or hardware failure. We also provide data encryption services to ensure your sensitive data is secured and protected against theft. We work with multiple security vendors to ensure you are getting the right product for you and that your data is encrypted with the highest of security standards.  This is why our excel budget templates are safe!

Disaster Recovery

Many small businesses do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan due to lack of resources or simply because business owners consider it an unnecessary expense. It is crucial that every business have documentation they can reference in order to recover from a critical issue. Your DRP will outline the steps required to have your systems back online and your business back up and running in no time. The process of creating an effective DRP is neither time-consuming nor costly and can be implemented quite quickly.

Firewall & Threat Prevention

3TG specializes in implementing firewall and security appliances and work with a variety of products including Barracuda, Cisco, WatchGuard, SonicWALL and Palo Alto. We also offer security audit services, which ensures your network, servers and client PCs are free from potential security risks. At the end of the audit we provide a status report which includes recommended remediation steps for any vulnerabilities that were found. We also offer antivirus, anti-spam, and endpoint protection for your servers and client PCs