Our team consists of practicing professionals with a thorough understanding of statistics. Testimony to that are our dissertation consultancy services. We work with postgraduate students to help them complete their dissertation research. The typical postgraduate student often has family, work and academic commitments leaving little time for in depth understanding of statistics. At Info Reach we don’t do the work for the student but we work with the student to ensure they are adequately prepared to defend their thesis.

Involving a statistician early in the project saves the student complications later. At Info Reach you will find statisticians to guide you with:

Identifying a Research Topic.
Writing a Research Concept Paper.
Writing Research Proposal.
Research Design.
Sample Size Determination and Power Analysis.
Questionnaire Design.
Data Management Using Epi Info.
Choosing Appropriate Statistical Tests.
Data Analysis using STATA, SPSS, R, GenStat, Excel and RDSAT. We use R for our analyses and train clients
to use other packages once they have complied with software licensing.
Meaningful Interpretation of Computer Output.
Respondent Driven Sampling and Analysis.
Econometric Modelling.
Time Series Analysis.
Multivariate Analysis.
Design and Analysis of Experiments.
Operations Research.
Survival Analysis.
Six Sigma/Quality Control Techniques.
Epidemiological Modelling.
Research Report Writing.
APA Formatting.
This list does not in any way exhaust our expertise in statistics. At info Reach we teach statistics using appropriate software according to a client needs. For your training needs in statistics talk to us.