Market research is an invaluable tool in the management process. Market research does not in any way replace good judgement but only reinforces the decision process. For years market research has remained shrouded in bloated budgets thus robbing many enterprises the chance of understanding the customers they serve.

This has resulted in lost growth opportunities.
It is for this reason that we have innovated a tool for these enterprises: SME Market Research. Talk to us for all your Marketing Research needs. Some of our offerings include but not limited to:

Usage and Attitude Tests
Corporate Image Studies
Media Research
Positioning and Segmentation Studies
Brand Image
Brand Strength
Advertising Tests
We offer customized research solutions to meet our client needs.
Our team also offers Project Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions for those who want to assess project impact.
Moreover the team at Info Reach has the expertise to conduct specialized surveys to meet your information needs.


Providing consulting in quantitative and qualitative analysis to a wide clientele which includes: Post graduate Students, Businesses, Government, NGO’s and Scientists.


Providing world class statistical solutions for optimal decision making