Network Design

The planning and design of your network is a crucial process but is often overlooked. A poorly designed network can cause instability, bandwidth issues, or even full outages. We will help you design a fast, reliable network for your business and ensure that it is optimized for performance. We also specialize in configuring networks to support wireless and Voice over IP. Detailed documentation and supporting diagrams are also provided with each design.

Network Installation

As is the case when designing your network, performance will suffer if your network devices are not configured or implemented correctly. 3TG specializes in the configuration and installation of network routers, switches, wireless infrastructure and VoIP systems. We work with a variety of vendors including Cisco, HP, Brocade and Netgear. We also ensure that your equipment is ‘stress tested’ before being put in production to ensure you are protected from any future performance issues.

Maintenance & Repair

In the event of a critical issue such a network outage, we will quickly diagnose and have your business back up and running as soon as possible. We offer a guaranteed response within 4 hours for all critical issues. 3TG also offers maintenance and repair services, ensuring your devices are healthy and running the most stable software releases. Often times a simple memory or CPU upgrade of your existing hardware will drastically improvement performance, negating the need to purchase new expensive equipment.