Forming A Strategic Vision In Consulting

When you form a strategic vision of your future or that of your business.  You need to infuse your business with a sense of intention and meaningful action.   This can be applied to your personal life or your entire company, providing your employees with a sense of purpose.

Understanding The Strategic Vision

Forming A Strategic Vision In Consulting

I was once hiking with a young friend who was not particularly enthused with the whole hiking idea, and she asked me, “What’s the purpose of hiking to go nowhere?” Well, she had a point and I never forgot her comment. She had no sense of reason for being out there on the mountain, exploring the trails and noticing the flora and fauna of our natural environment. That was my failure and lack of communication in not providing the ‘set-up’ and the ‘take-away’.  Here’s a great article on Client Communication – How To Communicate with Clients

A simple discussion of what we might see, discover and experience and how that could set the stage for future hikes and our perception of the environment was all I needed to raise her awareness and her perception of value. I listed off the benefits of hiking, the environment we live in, the natural world and pointed out some of the details of moss, fungus, leaves turning color and the smells of bay and redwoods we were standing under. Hikes became something she loved from then on.

Setting the Object in A Strategic Vision

When we set objectives and a means to reach the desired outcomes in a strategic vision.   We need to offer mindful-thinking and value to our business and personal relationships. There is a craft in this that involves more detail than convincing a youngster to enjoy a hike.  This is when we apply it to our business. Efficient, effective delivery and implementation is critical to reaching our long-term goals and top performance. As an Advisor, your success depends on these factors and your ability to implement.

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