How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile – 12 Steps

How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile – 12 Steps

Want to know how to improve your linkedin profile?  Why should you maximize the effectiveness of LinkedIn? I’ll give you a dozen reasons just to start. More detailed implementation posts to follow.

1. Build Credibility

When you are willing to communicate in a public forum you are letting people know what you are serious, accountable and have some substance.

2. Increase Your Visibility

Google Ranks high on LinkedIn. This enables people to find you more easily on the web by your first name as well as your company and what you specialize in. You can show people what you would like them to know about you. Also, people prefer to do business with people they have a connection to or with. Make sure you use “Full View” for your profile.

3. Establish Yourself as an Expert

Focus on what it is that you do best, your specialty, and put content on LinkedIn that speaks to this client base.

4. Expand Your Business Opportunities

Is there an ideal client out there who you would like to get in touch with personally? Use your contacts on LinkedIn to help you reach that person with a personal message

How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile with LinkedIn Groups

5. Join Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has many discussion groups for people in your same industry as well as those of people in industries you would like to reach or contribute to. This is a good way to expand your networking opportunities and focus your ability to reach clients in your target market.

6. Brand Yourself

Having a strong presence is imperative for business success. You can use LinkedIn to brand yourself, enhance your image and show off the things you know the most about. You can also let people know if you are hosting events, seminars, classes, fundraisers etc. These activities allow people to get to know you, your interests and how you are making a contribution to your industry and the community at large.

How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile – Steps 7 – 12

7. Find out about a Prospect or Company

Is this person or company someone you really want to do business with? They may have a history of being difficult to work with. What better was than to contact someone who knows them and speak with them directly (I do not recommend putting these conversations in writing).

8. Share Content

Use LinkedIn as the jumping off point for reaching out to share something you found of interest or something you wrote that is relevant.  Client communication is key!

9. Expand and Enhance your Relationships

By writing recommendations for people you know and have done business with. This adds to their credibility as well as yours and strengthens your relationship. Make sure that what you write is truthful and you can stand behind it of course!

10. Keep an Eye on the Competition

Learn from your competitor’s failures and successes. Live in a mental state of abundance and benefit from others in your industry.

11. Build a Complete Profile

This is like an executive bio. Include past companies, affiliations, education, activities and interests. The more information you have the better because people are looking for commonality in their connections.

12. Streamline Contacts Process

Add all your contacts, then let LinkedIn do the scrubbing. Make sure they are relevant and that you put in the effort to build mutually beneficial relationships.

How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile Overview

Following these 12 steps on “How to improve your linkedin profile” will help you and/or your business get found. These steps may seem very simple, but they are extremely effective.  Good Luck!

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