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This year has already been a whirl wind of change. People are making the effort to reinvent themselves at a pace I’ve not seen, or perhaps not noticed before. One of the conflicts or areas we often run into when we are making change is that of a time management coach.

This past year, between Christmas and New Years, I purposefully took that time to direct my thoughts towards how I would organize myself for a productive year. I let the thoughts drift through my mind in the background as I performed the regular duties or work and household, passing over how I spent my time each month in 2010 and all of the changes that had occurred in that time span. It was a rather shocking expedition of the unbelievable and the fantastic. In this journey however, and looking forward to the direction I’m going, things began to sort themselves into order. I realized I could get to the gym at least 2x/week and run 2x/week. Things began to fall into time blocks.

Time Management Coach – Making Time

As a time management coach I allowed time blocking to re-entered my life.  I put one item into a space where it could be accomplished on a regular basis. I quickly found that others followed. In fact, I poured my ‘possibilities’ in around the ‘musts’ and the ‘shoulds’.  I then realized that I found even more time by removing some of the stress of having a full plate.  Organization brings peace of mind and its reward is allowing us to focus on the important things in our business and our lives. If you have trouble finding the time to get organized or allow yourself to focus, I recommend Leslies Keenan’s book, It’s About Time: Finding Magic, Power and Ease in Your Life.  Or take her Time Shifters Workshop. I worked with her personally and it’s amazing how effective and efficient she is. She’s done a great job as a time management coach!  Wanting more information about Strategic Vision?  Read our article about Forming A Strategic Vision.

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